Taking a Look at Dove Cameron Before and After Her Plastic Surgery

dove cameron plastic surgery
Dove Cameron plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery has become immensely popular among the celebrities. A lot of celebrities have gone under the knife to elevate their looks and Dove Cameron is one of them. Dove Cameron is a 22 year old American actress, who entered her acting career at the age of 12. Her notable works include the movie Bits and Pieces, alongside Disney’s Liv and Maddie.

There have been a lot of skeptics surfacing about Dove Cameron that her face looks very different than how it was before. There is no doubt that Dove Cameron before plastic surgery, had not so well-defined facial features as now. Now before we shed further light to the fact if Dove Cameron really did go under the knife, let’s take a quick look at what Plastic Surgery really is.

What is Plastic Surgery?


Plastic Surgery is a surgical process that focuses on the reconstruction of facial and bodily defects. These defects could be a result of any disorder, injury or a disease. Plastic surgery is generally performed on defected areas, in order to correct and construct them again so the skin around the areas forms without such defects persisting. Plastic surgery requires high expertise and tons of experience, because this is where there’s no room for even a slightest mistake to happen. Other than that, plastic surgeries are also performed to enhance one’s appearance.

People nowadays, with absolutely no defects in their appearances are opting for plastic surgeries, just to improve aesthetic, symmetric and proportional appeal of their face and body. There are many plastic surgery procedures and the ones that doctors perform on a routine basis are breast augmentation or reduction, facial Rhinoplasty, cheek enhancement, face lift, laser skin resurfacing, Botox, as well as lip filler treatments.

Why are celebrities opting for Plastic Surgery?

dove cameron lips
Dove Cameron lips

Plastic surgery among celebrities is a hot thing of discussion, because almost every single celebrity has been through it no matter what. Each celebrity, whether a male or a female, wishes to look their best. Among celebs, the best way to look younger, for a longer time is through facial enhancement surgeries and there is no doubt that through these surgical processes, they sure do manage to look their best and timeless, for a longer period of time.

Many people are curious to know what kind of surgical processes celebrities opt for, and if these processes are painful and take longer to heal. Well, thankfully we were able to find that out. Celebrities go for non-invasive treatments. Among these treatments, the most popular one is Cool Sculpting or Cryolipolysis. In this treatment, practitioners freeze the fat of the area that’s being treated, which is why it takes quicker to heal and leaves behind no scars.

Did Dove Cameron Get Plastic Surgery?

Dove Cmeron before cosmetic surgery
Dove Cmeron before cosmetic surgery photo

When Dove Cameron hit the age of 18, her face started showing some significant changes that her fans just couldn’t ignore. While comparing her recent pictures, to the ones from 3 to 4 years ago, there are massive differences that you might see, especially on the areas around her nose, lips and cheeks. Dove had an elongated and broader nose which now seems a lot shorter and narrower. And to just add to the doubts of being under the knife, the bump on her nose now looks much shaped. Other than noticing a clear difference in her nose, fans have another curiosity in their minds. Did Dove Cameron get lip injections? Well, their curiosity is just about to meet with another confirmation, because yes, she has. Since Dove Cameron has been on the screen for quite some time, and we were able to see her during her younger years, when her lips were thinner and narrower. We can present a verdict that other than her nose, Dove Cameron’s lips have also been under the surgical process, because now they look a lot fuller and thicker than before.

Dove Cmeron before plastic surgery
Dove Cmeron before cosmetic surgery

According to many plastic surgery practitioners, Dove Cameron’s plastic surgery is a Rhinoplasty technique. Through this technique, the 22 year old actress has been able to fix the broad nose that she had, by having it reconstructed into a narrower and a pointier one. It’s quite a surprise that despite the risks nose jobs are often affiliated with, Dove Cameron’s nose job has been quite a successful one. Following the Rhinoplasty, Dove Cameron has undergone a lip augmentation procedure, which has added thickness to her lips. According to practitioners, lip augmentation requires repetition every 6 to 12 months or fullness in the lips begins fading away. Well, the frequent visits for fuller lips sure seems pretty evident on Dove because her lips keep looking plumper and thicker from time to time. Also, the former Disney actress has been through a cheek implants process that has helped her achieve fuller and dimpled cheeks.

Isn’t Dove Cameron Too Young To Have Plastic Surgeries?

dove cameron before plastic surgery
Dove Cmeron before plastic surgery

Well, like every other celebrity who has been under the knife and denies claiming the fact, Dove Cameron is no different from them. Despite being confirmed by even the plastic surgery practitioners, the actress still denies that she has been through any of the aforementioned processes. Among the young celebrities, going through such plastic surgery procedures for an enhanced look is something that has started to become very common. After Kylie Jenner, many other young celebrities like Bella Thorne, Iggy Azalea, and Dove Cameron have suddenly become quite different in terms of appearance and have started to look completely different than their actual natural look.

did dove cameron get plastic surgery
Did Dove Cameron get plastic surgery&

Surely, there are a lot of skeptics associated with cosmetic surgeries at a young age. Since these are still considered to be development and growth years; allowing plastic surgeries to make changes to your body can pave way for several other problems to occur. Dove Cameron had beautiful natural features, and even if she has decided to enhance them up a bit, then we’re here for it! However, our only concern is that because this whole procedure of plastic surgery is so typically complicated and never ending i.e. a single procedure leads to another one…. Then another one…. Then another one. We are just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that Dove Cameron does not make the mistake of having her facial plastic surgery overdone like Britney Spears, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Because, too much of this thing can result in a complete distortion and we don’t want that.


did dove cameron get lip injections
Did Dove Cameron get lip injections?

Young celebs opting for plastic surgeries have surely turned the business of plastic surgery into a really hot one – no doubt about that! Many practitioners have disclosed that most of the young female clients they get for lip augmentations or Rhinoplasty say that they want to have better facial features so their selfies come out good. But little do they know they are about to induce permanent changes to their faces and their single decision made in a hurry can lead them to severe outcomes.

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