A Plastic Surgery Masterpiece: Vivica Fox

Vivica Fox plastic surgery
Vivica Fox plastic surgery

Vivica Anjanetta Fox was born in the summer of ‘64 in South Bend, Indiana and is now a Hollywood icon. Such an outcome surpassed the greatest dreams of her hard working parents. Her father, William, worked as a school administrator and mother, Everlyena, was a pharmaceutical technician. Vivica is a beautiful combination of African, Native American and American. Her good genes and healthy lifestyle contribute to the beauty she still possesses at the age of 53. However, those of us that know better understand that no one looks to be in their thirties when they are in their fifties without a little help.

While a healthy diet and exercise can slow down the ageing process Hollywood stars have many secrets to staying young that they keep under wraps. Plastic surgery is extremely common among celebrities- even an obsession and need for those trying to maintain their youthful looks. Beauty is mandatory in Hollywood so it comes as no surprise that some celebrities have even risked life threatening surgeries in the pursuit of good looks. While Vivica’s surgeries have not been life threatening they have certainly been dramatic.

 The Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Journey

Celebrities rarely admit to having had plastic surgery but the proof is in the pudding. Vivica’s altered appearance is too pronounced to be kept a secret. Her plastic surgery has been the topic of endless discussion and gossip from mainstream media to her fans. Everyone wants to know what she has been up to. Most celebrities age gracefully or seem to go through a series of horrific botched surgeries. Rather than slowly fading, Vivica seems to be growing more and more gorgeous day by day.

When you compare Vivica’s before and after photos it is evident that she has gone from a good looking woman to a masterpiece. Her nose has become smaller and more refined giving her face needed definition and a more youthful appearance. Her famous curves have become even more pronounced with her breasts appearing fuller and rounder than before. This kind of growth is only possible through breast augmentation.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery
Vivica Fox cosmetic surgery

In addition to bigger boobs Vivica’s forehead is super smooth, a sign that she has been getting botox injections. Botox has made her face virtually wrinkle free and given her younger looking skin, though this kind of smoothness cannot be accomplished by botox alone. It is clear that Vivica has also had a face lift to get rid of any loose, uneven skin.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery
Vivica Fox

Vivica’s surgery is an example of well executed plastic surgery art. While many botched plastic surgeries become the laughing stock of Hollywood Vivica’s has become one that many women seek to emulate.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery
Vivica Fox plastic surgery photo

In addition to changing her on the outside her surgery has allowed her to move into her older age with elegance, grace and confidence. Her fans love her for her talent more than her good looks but they are happy to see their shining star shine so beautifully for them.

Vivica Fox plastic surgery
Vivica Fox plastic surgery image


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