Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before And After Pics

big ang body

Large Ang plastic surgery has more interesting information that meets your eye. Angela Raiola, also known as “Big Ang” in an additional terms is a plastic surgery addict and has had several plastic surgery given that the beginning of her job.

Big Ang, understood for the truth television collection reveal Mob Partners, is where she rose to prominence. Though, Big Ang is the niece of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi, a deceased captain of the Genovese crime household. Speaking about her plastic surgery stunts, she’s had several boob job operation, tummy tuck, liposuction surgery, lip injections as well as is constantly on a hunt for a lot more.

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Big Ang has constantly had a large upper body, she’s had 34 DD mug dimension at the young age of 14. And also with pregnancy and youngster birth, they got bigger compared to typical, unhealthy. Apart from that, she’s had tummy tuck, lipo as well as her plump lips evinced using lip injections. She gets on a search for more to further alter her bodily features. She’s taking into consideration liposuction surgery, facelift as well as something even more to alter her eyes. She’s 54 currently.

big ang body

Large Ang Breast Augmentation

She’s had her very first breast enhancement Thirty Years back. Had her upper body full of sponge rather than saline in 1985. Things got worse as well as out of control when she brought to life her first youngster. With pregnancy and also bust feeding, her breast obtained fuller compared to ever gauging 42 three-way J mug dimension. In 1995, she opted for an additional breast augmentation treatment. Yet rather than sponge, they’re filled with saline implants, far better compared to the previous.

big ang body

Lastly in 2005, she went through one more as well as the third breast augmentation surgical procedure to have her chest filled with 36J mug size. If you would certainly glance Big Ang breast implants prior to as well as after pictures, you ‘d come to know how big and also out of control they’re.


” I had a tummy tuck, lipo, my lips infused and also my busts done 3 times,” Big Ang stated. “The very first time I had my busts done was 27 years ago, and also they put sponges in them. That remained in 1985.”


Large Ang Lip Injection

big ang body

She’s had her bust size reduced numerous times. Yet it’s the lips that looked overdid. Plastic surgeon injection some kind of collagen into her lips to form them up according to her face attributes. Result weren’t that good if you ‘d consider her pout lips, similar to Donatella Versace.

Though, they’re plump and huge before the shot too. However points went out of hand when she’s had them infused with collagen. Take a look at Big Ang lip injection before as well as after pictures.

big ang body

Big Ang Liposuction

She’s not your normal person with a regular star number. She’s every little thing ‘king size’. It’s very same if you ‘d ask about her spirit and also vibrant nature also. A liposuction surgery remained in need constantly for a star like Big Ang.

Big Ang’s Future Consideration

big ang body

Now you know, she’s not timid around specialist’s blade and also love to have her physical attributes chiseled for improvements. After 3 breast augmentation, liposuction, lip injections, tummy tuck, she’s isn’t really quiting. As she age, she’s already taken into consideration having facelift, something to work around her eyes, lipo to get rid of the undesirable fat around behind as well as around as well as near bra.

Big Ang Views On Plastic Surgery

” I actually like transforming my appearance.”


I think that claims it all. And also she’s not succumbing to plastic to have her appearances improved, but I see it as modifications, for a person with a body as big as Huge Ang. For a celebrity, it’s their go to thing to maintain their body intact as well as nice all the time. I don’t think, Huge Ang’s incorrect in pursuing any of it.

big ang body


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