Bella Thorne’s Evolution through Plastic Surgery

Bella Thorne boob job
Bella Thorne boob job

Bella Thorne has been in the spotlight since she was a small child. The American actress and singer began her acting career at the age of 6 and has since starred in many movies and TV shows. She is widely known for her role in Disney’s ‘Shake It Up’ series and is currently working on Free form’s series ‘Famous in Love’. A lot has changed for Bella over the years, especially her appearance.

Many child stars grow up too fast and in Bella’s case her body was pushed to look more mature as well. In addition to the typical changes an adolescent girl’s body undergoes, Bella also had numerous cosmetic changes ranging from breast implants to piercings and lots of changes in hair and makeup.  It appears to be a classic case of a child star trying to shed their good girl image in order to embrace a more adult lifestyle. Like Kylie Jenner, she underwent numerous plastic surgeries as a teenager and there are surely more teen stars that will follow in their footsteps. As role models for many teenage girls worldwide these cosmetic procedures do raise concern. Both Bella and Kylie have gotten breast implants, lip fillers and nose jobs. Despite her silence about her surgeries, Bella’s procedures are exposed and posted by followers across Instagram, Facebook and twitter. Let’s take a look at Bella Thorne’s evolution from a young teen girl to the 20 year old woman she is today.

Bella Thorne Before and After Cosmetic Interventions

Alongside big fame comes big pressure. Bella Thorne’s early fame pushed her to look like more of an adult than she was. If Bella could have taken a magic pill and woken up a grown woman Bella would have swallowed it. Instead, she found herself turning to doctors. When viewing photos of Bella from seven years ago and comparing them to today it becomes apparent that her appearance is quite altered.

Bella Thorne’s Breast Implants

bella thorne boob job
Bella Thorne boob job photo

When Bella Thorne posed nude for GQ magazine she spoke openly about human insecurities and the importance of body-positivity. Her actions, however, do not seem to reflect the self-acceptance she spoke about. Bella Thorne got a boob job at a very early age before her body had even finished developing.

While many teens would shy away from transforming their figure Bella Thorne did not. She is accustomed to having her body in the limelight and regularly posts pictures of herself in revealing clothing on her Instagram and twitter accounts.

A photograph of Bella wearing a string bikini top in 2014 shows a chest size typical of an adolescent girl who is tall, thin and active. A more recent photograph shows her with large breasts that are usually less natural for a long and lean figure such as hers. It is obvious that she has had a boob job. So obvious that Scott Disick, who she is vacationing with alongside her older sister Dani in France, did not hesitate to confirm it.

Bella Thorne boob job
Bella Thorne boob job image

A plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, who did not perform a breast augmentation on Bella, commented that Bella’s chest appeared to be enlarged from an A cup to a C cup. Dr. Youn’s opinion is consistent with many other professional’s as well as the online community at large.

There is no doubt that Bella had her boobs done before knowing precisely what nature had in store for her, though the implants are not over the top and do not look unnatural for her stature. By going with a C cup instead of a larger size she has chosen a look suitable for her slim figure.

Bella Thorne’s Lip Augmentation

Bella Thorne boob job
Bella Thorne boob job before and after

We all want beautiful pouty lips. Unfortunately, when people try to mess with nature it ends up being painfully obvious that they have plumped up their pout with filler. Lip fillers are especially popular among celebrities as the process is harmless and usually only temporary. So long as the filler is administered correctly and there is not too much the results can be subtle and alluring. Although nothing went awry with Bella Thorne’s lip fillers the puffy upper lip is a dead giveaway letting everyone know she’s had chemicals injected into them.

The Bella Thorne pout long preceded the Bella Thorne boob job. She has been posting pics where her lips look lumpy and uneven for quite some time, the first time being the worst result. One can only wonder who convinced her to get lip injections at the age of fifteen to sixteen years old. She has continued to get lip injections ever since and her before and after photos tell the story of her pout.

Bella Thorne Rhinoplasty

Bella Thorne boob job
Bella Thorne boob job

Like most people, Bella Thorne was not born with a perfect nose. Her nose was not particularly unappealing, but she opted to have a rhinoplasty. Although she has not openly admitted that she had a nose job there is no other explanation for the uncanny transformation of her nose from a round tip to a sculpted, pointed one. Bella’s nose was small, round and a little spread out around the bridge. Although it was an almost perfect nose that most teenage girls would love to have it was just imperfect enough to go under the knife. Being in the spotlight can amplify even the slightest flaws. As far as nose jobs go, Bella’s was very well executed and subtle. Whoever performed the surgery should be pleased with the results as it has all of the attributes of a good nose job and suits her features.

Bella Thorne boob job
Bella Thorne

Despite being candid and outspoken on her social media profiles she has yet to admit to having had plastic surgery. Perhaps she feels insecure about her image still. Or she does not want to be labelled a poor role model for teenage girls. Maybe she does not feel that it is the media’s business. No matter what the reasons for her silence it remains obvious that she has had multiple plastic surgeries in addition to her ever changing hair and makeup.

What do you think of Bella Thorne’s evolution through plastic surgery?


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